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Vuseum to experience

With us you will have the opportunity to see the finds, learn about the irrigation system, to discover the special fauna and flora and then explore all this it by yourself in the surroundings.


Ganglegg and
Berg-& Leitenwaal

Ganglegg is the site where many of the finds of our archaeological collection were discovered. Hike the Ganglegg to experience by yourself the life of the Rhaetian people in this open-air museum on the slope above Sluderns.

Quairwaal path

The path to the “Waal” trails along the ancient irrigation canals starts right behind the museum. Several informative boards explain the old and tried irrigation system on site.

The biotope of Sluderno

The biotope of Sluderno is one of the last alluvial areas in the Venosta Valley. A well-marked path leads you through this woodland, with interesting information boards explaining the natural peculiarities of this biotope.

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