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Permanent exhibition

Wasser Wosser

WasserWosser – the ancient irrigation canals

Without water there's no life! This applies even more to the Vinschgau. Without the irrigation structure of the Waale, which meander through the landscape like lifelines, productive agriculture in the valley would not have been feasible. A structure has developed around this type of irrigation, which makes up an essential part of the Vinschger culture. This belongs to the valley like the salt to the soup.

Today, whales, like the remains of the Vinschger alluvial forests, are areas with special flora and fauna. In the Wasserwosser exhibition you can find out how irrigation and customs shaped the valley.

Educational trail


The Quairwaal runs directly behind the museum. A section is provided as a showwaal with "Waaler"-house and explanation boards.


The nature trail in the Schluderns biotope also allows you to see what is shown in our WAWO exhibition in an intact natural environment.

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